Walking Tour of Antebellum Slave Market

About Journey By Faith


  Journey By Faith L.L.C. was organized and established business in 2007 by the owner and operator Karen B. Wortham.

 Karen has delighted and inspired visitors to Savannah from all over the world with her unique gift of telling the story of this country’s “peculiar institution”, slavery.  Karen provides her listeners with the intricacies and atrocities of the antebellum slave activity in a way that makes you wonder why this could have happened in this country.

 She states her interest in the story grew out of sense of inquisitiveness, or just plainly being nosey.  Her research as the historian of First African Baptist church, the oldest black church in North America has provided her with a wealth of information that seems to never end.  Karen has done thorough investigation of all the facts she presents to her guests.